Lost in Sicily?


Our farm is located into the core of the Siracusa countryside. Lemon and olive crops are marks of the rural area of south-eastern Sicily, but are not the only beauty of our land. Three UNESCO heritage sites are in the surroundings of our farm: Siracusa, Noto and Pantalica.

SIRACUSA, which Cicero defined “the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful one” is a mixture of Greek, Roman and Baroque styles, a unique testament of the development of the Mediterranean culture through the last three millenniums.

Here you can find the Archeological park of Neapolis, surrounding the Greek theatre, internationally known for its classical theatrical performances. Nearby the theatre you also find the Roman Amphitheater and the Ear of Dionisus, an artificial cave that, due to its shape vaguely similar to an auricle, amplifies the sounds up to 16 times. According to the legend, the tyrant Dionisus used this cave as a prison to eavesdrop the conversations of his enemies, amplified by the echo.

Moving toward the south of the city of Siracusa you can reach the isle of Ortigia, connected to the mainland by two bridges. The Cathedral, a majestic Baroque church, incorporates the ruins of the temple of Athena, a Greek goddess whose name is related to the creation of the olive tree.

Lose yourself in the spirit of the city by wandering across its beautiful alleys, discovering the papyruses of the Aretusa Spring and admiring the magnificence of the Maniace Castle.

Few kilometres south of Siracusa is located the town of NOTO, considered the capital of Baroque. By passing through the Royal gate, an archway dated back to ‘800, you will reach Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the avenue that crosses the historical centre of the town.

By walking a hundred meters from the Royal Gate you pass by the Saint Chiara church, whose interior is considered one of the most representative of the baroque style in Sicily. From its panoramic roof you will have a breathtaking overview of the surroundings.

You can’t skip a visit to the Saint Nicolò Cathedral and Palazzo Nicolaci, an aristocratic palace located in the namesake street, which annually, during the Infiorata festival, is decorated with flower petals that artists use to create realistic images.

If you are passionate about nature, the choice is wide but – considering its proximity to our farm and its historical value- we suggest you to visit the necropolis of PANTALICA, a protected area that constitutes one of the most ancient examples of funerary caves architecture. A perfect union among ancient villages and Sicilian nature wonders, where the caves mark a canyon, with amazing cliffs that hide more than 5000 tombs. The creeks digging the canyon create natural pools of idyllic beauty.

A holiday in Sicily wouldn’t be well spent without trying its tasty gastronomic specialties.

We invite you to visit our farm to get to know our “favola”, our Sicilian extravirgin olive oil, an incomparable element of the Mediterranean diet. Don’t miss the chance to live a memorable experience in the name of quality and tastefulness.

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